Cinderella Cupcakes

In honor of the new Cinderella movie hitting theatres next week, here’s a quick look at a set of fondant cupcake toppers made for a Cinderella themed birthday party last year. Better late than never, right?

Cinderella Cupcakes

Cinderella was one of my favourite Disney cartoons growing up. I had quite a few sick days in my early years, and this flick was always the first to hit the VCR! (Until I got older and graduated to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, of course!)Cinderella CupcakesI may not have had a Princess Party in my childhood, but if I did, I think young Megan would have enjoyed both the look and the taste of these cupcakes!



Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Cupcakes

I have a confession to make: I actually made these cupcakes last summer. Why, you ask, am I only showing them to you now? This set of photos has been one of the most daunting folders on my desktop, for ages…I haven’t known where to start! However, with one midterm under my belt as of today, I am happy to announce that my schedule just freed up a little bit, and I was able to check this post off of my To-Do list once and for all!

I was approached last summer with a request for some gluten free cupcakes for a Dr. Seuss themed baby shower. More specifically, the theme was specific to the One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish book, with an adorable New Fish baby shower twist!

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower CupcakesThe design was left up to me, so after checking out this book thanks to youtube (I confess, I had never read it before) I created this set using fondant, a paint brush, and black gel food colour. Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Cupcakes
The best part about making these cupcakes, was the painting step! They literally came to life before my eyes, much like the pages of a well-loved Dr. Seuss book! The only downside of this order was duplicating 3 dozen of them!Dr. Seuss Baby Shower CupcakesDr. Seuss Baby Shower Cupcakes

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Cupcakes

Pink Lemonade Cake

This cake was made for a 1 year-old’s pink lemonade themed birthday bash! The cake was an ombre strawberry-lemon cake, iced all over in lemon buttercream using the scalloping technique.Pink Lemonade CakeThe bunting was handmade using paper straws and card stock. Side note: I have an extensive paper straw collection, and I think this is the first time I actually used any 🙂IMG_2178Pink Lemonade CakePink Lemonade CakeThe cake was also accompanied by a matching smash cake for the birthday girl to have some fun with!

Pink Lemonade Smash CakeSince my posts are few and far between, feel free to check out my Instagram account for the most up to date cake projects!


Booze Baking 2.0: Gentleman Jack Cake

Hi, my name is Megan and I’m an alcohol-themed-cake-aholic.



Okay, so I am not actually addicted to making alcohol bottle-inspired cakes; I have only made 3 so far, and in my defense, all of these cakes have been orders…I promise! But I will admit that I really really REALLY  love making them.

My friend asked me to make a Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack whiskey cake for her boyfriend’s going away party last week, as he moved away to Vietnam on Friday. She’s going to be joining him in September but it still hasn’t hit me yet, so I’ll have to deal with that when the time comes! (JT, if you ever read this: DON’T LEAVE ME, HOMIE!)



This cake was a dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing and the labels were hand painted using food colouring. (My apologies if the writing is not straight or proportionate, but I may or may not have worked on these at 2 in the morning while watching the Olympics…I think that was the first and last time that I was actually awake to experience live coverage!)

Can’t wait to see what kind of booze I’ll get to create next time!


When Booze Meets Baking

ImageI vividly remember the day I made this Patron bottle cake; I had work in the afternoon and I woke up late and had a ton of details to finish on it (aka I had baked the actual cake the previous night and that was about all I had accomplished!). For the writing, I mixed black food colouring with vodka and painted it on the fondant…unfortunately it did not turn out black, but I was pressed for time and the green didn’t look all that terrible. I usually mix lemon juice with the food colouring but didn’t have any that day, so I totally blamed the discolouration on the vodka…so yes, you could say that I blamed it on the alcohol (pun very much intended).


For the Grey Goose bottle the green just wasn’t going to fly, so I was prepared this time with a bottle of RealLemon juice. I added a tiny amount to the black and it turned the same shade of green as before. URGH! Luckily I had nothing but time on this Saturday morning so I started to experiment. Finally, I found success when I added red food colouring to the green concoction!


So the point is: you need to add red food colouring to black Wilton food colouring if you actually want it to be black….as to why they haven’t perfected this at the Wilton factory, we may never know!