Homemade Conversation Hearts

One of my favourite things about Valentine’s Day has to be conversation hearts! I’ll admit, there’s nothing special about the way that they taste, but there’s always been something about the texture, and of course the little sayings on them that I love!

Conversation Hearts

Conversation hearts were never a candy I thought about making…I never really considered what went into them. However, when searching on Pinterest for Valentine’s Day inspiration, I came across a recipe for the dough and decided to give it a try! I even ordered this amazing stamp kit from Amazon.ca…now I just need to find another use for it!DIY Conversation Hearts

In addition to custom phrases, I also used different flavours for my homemade version of the beauties:
Yellow = vanilla
Pink = cinnamon
White = peppermint
Orange = Bergamot
Blue = Rootbeer

Conversation Hearts

You can find and follow the recipe here. I followed it without any modifications to the ingredients, and the results were lovely!

Conversation Hearts

Conversation Hearts


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