Minion Mania!

This past weekend my Rec volleyball team at school had our final game of the season. We finished 5th out of 9 teams in the league this semester, but managed to work our way into the championship game! Perhaps we should think of renaming ourselves “the Underdogs,” but for now we are known as “the Minions” (or, “the team with the cute jerseys”). Yes, we named ourselves after everyone’s favourite characters from the “Despicable Me” movie 🙂

My friends know that I’ve been super into the baking scene lately, so when one of them casually suggested that I should make minion-themed cupcakes for the team, I took it very seriously!

The cupcakes were easy enough to throw together, as I had all of the supplies on hand anyways. Also, I got some new Wilton FoodWriter pens for my birthday that I was dying to try and this was the perfect occasion to break them in.

These pens are perfect by the way! Exactly what they appear to be: food-grade felt pens that write on fondant as easily as a smelly felt writes on construction paper! Yes, I will admit that I smelled these felts out of habit, but no, they were not scented :).

Here is the finished result! I wanted to make some with two eyes, and some of the taller skinny ones, but I ran out of time so I settled for different facial expressions and arms!

Either way, they were a hit and I am glad that I made them!

I have been putting off admitting this, but we lost the championship game 2-0! Looks like I should have made 1 dozen frowning minions, as that ‘s pretty much how we all looked after the final whistle blew.

Oh well, we may not have won the coveted  “Rec Champion” t-shirts this semester, but cupcakes weren’t the worst consolation prize!

Here’s the 2012 team putting on fake smiles after the big loss!

Great season, and see you all in September!


6 thoughts on “Minion Mania!

  1. I saw the pic you posted on facebook and I actually made get off the couch… stop watching the golf game, and come see this masterpiece… these are AMAZING!!!!

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