When Booze Meets Baking

ImageI vividly remember the day I made this Patron bottle cake; I had work in the afternoon and I woke up late and had a ton of details to finish on it (aka I had baked the actual cake the previous night and that was about all I had accomplished!). For the writing, I mixed black food colouring with vodka and painted it on the fondant…unfortunately it did not turn out black, but I was pressed for time and the green didn’t look all that terrible. I usually mix lemon juice with the food colouring but didn’t have any that day, so I totally blamed the discolouration on the vodka…so yes, you could say that I blamed it on the alcohol (pun very much intended).


For the Grey Goose bottle the green just wasn’t going to fly, so I was prepared this time with a bottle of RealLemon juice. I added a tiny amount to the black and it turned the same shade of green as before. URGH! Luckily I had nothing but time on this Saturday morning so I started to experiment. Finally, I found success when I added red food colouring to the green concoction!


So the point is: you need to add red food colouring to black Wilton food colouring if you actually want it to be black….as to why they haven’t perfected this at the Wilton factory, we may never know!


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