Royal Icing Rose Cake


 Using the Wilton royal icing recipe,  a flower nail and a #104 icing tip, I managed to pipe out some pretty realistic-looking roses…even my green-thumbed Mom agreed! I will admit, the first few roses were borderline hideous, but once the icing softened up in the bag a bit, that is when the petals started to naturally curl over and look life-like. So the moral of the story is:  don’t feel bad if you have to throw out the first five (or ten).

I tinted the remaining icing with some blue food colouring (yes, I remembered the colour wheel lesson from Grade 8 Art class!) and piped out some leaves.  When the roses were dry I applied some pearl shimmer dust with a dry brush.

I have now discovered the wonderful realm of royal icing flowers and can’t wait to experiment with a Mother’s Day creation!

P.S. The cake itself was a pineapple-coconut-carrot cake and it was delicious!


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